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Ablefolks chords and poles is a team of passionate engineers and designers trying to bring a revolutionary change in field of construction.

Functional aesthetics with lesser impact on environment has always been our prime focus.

With an immense talent pool available, no challenge is tougher for us how big it is.

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World Class designs for Home, Office and Commercial spaces for our clients makes us Unique in the field of Designing, Space Planning, Construction and Renovations.

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Be a Traditional or Modern design, Small or Big Projects our artists turned architects are at your service!

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Our architects and designers are dedicated to make your dream designs come true with budget friendly plans. We provide guaranteed design solutions and service warranty for our projects.

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Unique design, furniture and fittings for your home with the help of our masters of design.


Leading office interior design experts in Kerala who can design the commercial / business space of your dreams


For those who are looking for extraordinary design with traditional touch, we find adventure in the same too.


We belive that just like new designs and creations renovation is also an art and our team also excels in the same bringing in breathtaking results.


Our customized project management processes and solutions helps in improving efficiency & accountability.


Geting Govt. Approvals is no more a tedious process, our expertise can help you in getting the required approvals in a breeze.
Our Lead Designers

Ms. Liji

Chief Interior Designer

Liji is an Interior Designer from Malappuram, Kerala with over 20 years of extensive experience in designing creative and unique interiors with focus on residential, commercial as well as hospitality projects.

Creating intriguing yet livable spaces, while honoring the unique location and personal distinction of each client make Liji one of the most sought-after designers.

Liji's approach to each design is to get to know her client's specific design needs and bring every detail to life.

An interior decorator loving and living for design creates spaces that not only look good but also practical spaces but yet visually pleasing.

Adapted for modern living Liji's artful and futuristic Interior Designs expresses her mastery in right selection of colors, amazing details, patterns, and textures that will catch your eyes as soon as you enter the space.

Not just design ideas Liji undertakes conceptual development and liaising with the stakeholders to manage and execute the design.

Design a Spectacular and Enchanting Interior for your next project with Liji.


Mr. Harris

Associate Interior Designer

Becoming a successful interior designer is not an overnight success. Spending over two decades working with a multitude of clients in India, Harris has earned stature as a best-known and professional designer in the field.

Captivating on all interior decoration specialties and styles, Harris has certainly left his mark in the interior design industry, influencing the way people live and dwell.

As one of South India's favorite design talents, Harris is a trendsetting interior designer who shaped the design industry with unique and fascinating designs for Home, Office, and Commercial spaces.

Debuted as a home interior designer in Malalappuram, the design expert Harris has quickly become a fan favorite for his impactful home makeovers, attracting an array of high-profile clients in executing interior design projects for large commercial spaces as well as in the hospitality industry.

Upholding the client's specific requirements in mind, incorporating new-age designs with a functional approach makes the designs of Harris a unique masterpiece of its own.

Be it Modern or Contemporary, Budget-friendly or luxurious interior design projects, Harris is always at your service in turning your dream into reality.

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Our Team

Our team focus on effective utilisation of resources and better coordination with customers and site. We work with state of the art technology and tools leading to all round development of the society. We take ownership of the projects for hassle free completion and enforce on QA/QC at each stage with support staff at the site itself.

Fit Out Solutions

Our team of fit-out specialists can create the perfect space for you with tailor-made solutions.

Quality Products

One of the prime pillar of our project delivery process is assuring the usage of the quality materials.

Project Flexibility

As a budget friendly builder and designer we can realise a project in the most cost-effctive manner as possible.h

Desired Outcomes

Being an unordinary interior design consultancy we are keen to make tangible reality recognized by our customers
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